Saturday, 20 February 2016

Picture This #341 ~ Neither/Nor

Marvelous theme, Belita!! I had such fun with it. And, Mitch, I love the twisty banner photo.

Here are my pictures for this week:

Neither day nor night.

Neither plain nor played.

Diving pelican
Neither up nor down. (But headed down.)


  1. The house looks beautiful in the reflection of the neither day not night light. That is really an ornate piano, beautiful colours. A pelican in flight, wonderful shot.

  2. Hi Benni !! Wonderful photos for Belita's theme!! Great silhouette of the palm tree in your twilight shot. Love the colourful painted piano in the second shot. Some of the keys seem to be depressed, is it one of those that play itself? Fantastic capture of the pelican about to dive for fish!!

  3. Hi Benni! What an excellent selection of shots for the theme of my choice that I'm pleased to know that gave you fun! Nice light in the first shot while the colourful piano looks uncommon to me... Fabulous shot of the pelican... I believe the catching was a good one...

  4. Beautiful shot

    Utterly wonderful piano

    Terrific capture of the stork