Saturday, 27 February 2016

Picture This #342 ~ Shadows And Silhouettes

Thanks for hosting Mitch and I so had to laugh at my fried eggs, sunny side up.

Here are some silhouettes taken from my garden at sunset.
Sunset over Feldbrunnen

Here are some shadows reflecting on the body of my neighbour's sphinx cat.
Sphinx cat

Some shadows on the wall caused by the sun shining through the blinds.

I don't know if this one qualifies, but the light effect of Mr. Swiss early in the morning on the computer seemed to be asking for a photo.
Marcel and computer(s)


  1. Hi Pat!! Great shots for this week's theme!! Love the sunset colours, as well as the silhouettes, in the first shot. Good capture of the shadows falling on the Sphinx cat. The third shot is just a perfect example of a shadow photo!! Mr Swiss appears to have been caught in a moment of illumination. I think it qualifies at least because I can see shadows on the wall behind him!!

  2. Hi Pat! Four good examples for this week's theme. May I say that your cats are more beautiful than your neighbour's one? Love the shadows on the wall. In fact, Mr. Swiss seems to be very much concentrated on the screen and willing to pose for the camera

  3. Beautiful iridescent burning liquid gold-clouded paleblue sky

    "I keep to the shadows because Im so goldarn ugly."


    "Here's Mr Swiss..."

  4. Fabulous colors in your first and interesting cat in your second. I love the third picture; it is the sort of scene I am fascinated by. Nice picture of Mr. Swiss.

  5. H i Pat love all your shots especially the first one such colors wow and love Mr. Swiss in the last one