Saturday, 13 February 2016

Picture This #340 ~ Bend And Twist

Many thanks to Benni for hosting this week. A great theme, one I don't think we've had before!! Lots of possibilities here!!

Here are mine:

1) One of the commonest twists, seen in many many places.
Let's Twist Again

2) I call this one 'The Wriggly Tree'
Wriggly Tree2

3) This is the ceiling of the 'Y Synedd', the Welsh Assembly building, Cardiff, Wales.
Y Synedd Ceiling 1

4) Let's twist again...........
Let's Twist Again


  1. Hi, Mitch! Great shots for the theme. Nice shot of the barbed wire especially with the shadows. That tree is just amazing. I wonder how many little animals make their homes in it. The ceiling of Y Synedd is a marvel of curves and bends, love the different colors of wood strips. It's a special place. The twisted reeds are beautiful; a very nice and natural decoration.

  2. wonderful Mitch love all the bends and twists lovely shots

  3. I love the wriggly tree, a very good study in twisting. The close up of the twist in the wire is very good in its detail and the last is a real twisted form. The Welsh have an assembly building. Very architechtonic - the next thing is they will want independence.

  4. The epithome of the theme

    Wow that is an intricate mass of twists and bends

    Beautiful architecture we did last summer.

  5. Hi Mitch! I look at them, I look again and, I find them awesome. From the beautiful ceiling I can figure out how the whole interior must be awesome...