Saturday, 27 February 2016

Picture This #342 ~ Shadows And Silhouettes

Hi everyone, this is Mitch. I'll be hosting this week. It's said that one of the most important things in photography is light. But with light comes an opposite: shadow. So the theme this week is SHADOWS, along with it's companion: SILHOUETTE!!

Here are mine:

1) Very tall people? Or Very low sun? LOL.
We And Ours

2) Silhouette of Laugharne Castle, Wales.
The Light Of Other Days 2

3) Tree silhouetted by sunset.
Wetland Sunset 1

4) Shadows and light in the forest.
Through The Trees 2


  1. I like the first one, sort of invasion of the third kind. The castle silhouette is good with the clouds peeping through and a very vivid sunset, setting the sky on fire. Shadows of the trees in a forest are always an interesting photo subject. By the way Mitch, just saying, but I now and again partake in photo stuff in wordPress. At the moment we have one going for three months with a different colour every day. I don't know if it would interest you, but here is the link Colour Your World

  2. Hi Mitch! The top image is a good one and your words put a smile on my face... Excellent silhouette of the Castle... Beautiful sunset and tree silhouettes ... Would love to walk through that forest...

  3. Daddy and mommy longlegs.


    Utterly lovely shimmering ocher/umbra-clouded palegold sky and beautiful silhouette of the intricate latticework of the branches.

    Mysterious and magical

  4. Very nice shadows on the green. The castle is majestic, all the more so with the sun peeking out from the clouds. Wonderful sunset with the trees. My favorite is the forest, sun-dappled, no path. Just the place I love to explore. Glimpses of blue sky through the trees. Great!