Saturday, 20 February 2016

PT CCCXLI ~ Neither/Nor

Great challenging theme by Belita and beautiful banner by Mitch.

This photo was taken at a visit to the Louisiana art museum near Helsingör, Denmark. The Jaconetti statues are neither standing nor walking.

 photo DSCN0924.jpg


  1. Hi anders great photo love
    I have a Jaconetti or rather my hubby had it he helped the Military General in Pisa once when we were on vacation when the General was sick so in gratitude he gave him one lovely

  2. Hi Anders! Interesting sculptures. Once I saw some like those but their author was a Swiss sculptor with a similar name...

  3. Hi Anders!! Good shot for this week's theme!! Neither walking nor standing.....just being.

  4. Fascinating statues, Anders. I like them by themselves, but I also like the arrangement. Ah, very nicely done.