Saturday, 27 February 2016

PT CCCXLII ~ Shadows And Silhouettes

Wonderful banner by Pat and theme by Mitch.

This was taken on a sailing trip around Corsica in '85. It is my sister that sits like the Little Mermaid in the Copenhagen harbour inlet.
 photo the_little_mermaid.jpg

The USS Wasp steaming north through Ă–resund heading home after a NATO exercise near Copenhagen.
 photo Ship_in_sunset.jpg

The very first photo I took with my then newly purchased Nikon Coolpix compact. I just snapped it off and the result, as you see, is quite remarkable.
 photo Sunlit_clouds_II_by_OldLynx.jpg


  1. Hi Anders, wow, very nice shot of your sister! Good photo of the USS Wasp, and magnificent capture of the shadows among the clouds. You are right, it is remarkable.

  2. The first photo is excellent for the theme. good shot of the sinking sun with the Wasp and the last photo of the clouds is very good.

  3. Hi Anders!! Great shots for this week's theme!! Very good recreation of the 'Little Mermaid' by your sister. Cool silhouette of the warship. The last shot is my fave, very atmospheric!!

  4. hi anders great shots the first one love it

  5. Hi Anders! Very good choice of shots for the theme... Love the bottom one...