Friday, 4 March 2016

Picture This #343 ~ Stairs, Lifts And Escalators

Hello everyone - Pat calling from Switzerland with my theme of the week. I was going to include "beaming up" but that is not so good to take a photo.

I took this photo whilst shopping last week. I have to rely on lifts at the moment, since my accident, although I can now walk without support. Actually Mr. Swiss wanted to move on, but I told him I must take a photo of the mechanics of the lift in the supermarket. I don't think he was very happy about it.


Here is a photo from 1984, before the days of digital cameras. We were in London paying a visit to the Natural History Museum in South Kensington and this is my son, now 46 years old, on the staircase of the museum.
Patrick on the stairs of the Natural History Museum

This was the escalator in our supermarket a couple of years ago. It has now been replaced.
Escalator, Migros Supermarket, Langendorf

Stairs from a different angle in our parking in Solothurn.
A vertical view of staircase in multi-story car park Amthausplatz, Solothurn


  1. Hi Pat!! Many thanks for hosting this week. A great theme, lots of possibilities. Your first shot i stared at for some time before I could make out what it was, that i was looking through the glass doors of an elevator. Great classical staircase in the second shot. I remember visiting there many many years ago. The escalator in the third shot is unusual. It looks less lie a traditional 'stair' style, more like the 'moving walkway' type you normally get in airports (and usually flat). Very good perspective in the last shot!!

  2. Hi Pat a wonderful theme
    glad you are moving a little better
    love all your shots

  3. Cool and modern

    Beautiful and classic

    Going up!

    Very cool

  4. Great theme, Pat! Love the four shots, but the second from the top is my favourite. It's an imposing staircase that makes one guess how impressive the collection on display is...

  5. Fascinating picture of the stairs of your parking garage. Glad you are getting around more easily.