Sunday, 6 March 2016

PT CCCXLIII ~ Stairs, Lifts And Escalators

Beautiful banner by Belita and cool theme by Pat.

The stairs up to the castle keep of Helsingborg.
 photo DSC_0426.jpg

The stairs up to the upper garden of Krapperup Castle
 photo DSC_0496.jpg

The stairs that leads down to the tunnel that connects one end of the Kulturen Open Air Museum to the other.
 photo DSC_0273.jpg

And the other end that leads up.
 photo DSC_0232.jpg


  1. Hi Anders! Four shots of stairs... all different.. all alike... Love stone stairs!

  2. Hi Anders!! Great shots for this week's theme. I really like that first shot, love how you framed the tower in the archway, with the stairs leading the eye to it. Love garden stairs in the second shot. I like the idea of showing the different ends with shots three and four.

  3. I love your stairs, very neat, especially the ones to the castles. they all have a very clear line and look very well designed. The stairs to Krapperup castle are vey nice with the greenery.

  4. wow anders all different all lovely

  5. Wonderful shot to the castle keep. Love the contrast of stone and greenery in the other shots.

  6. Lovely collection of stair shots. Well done.