Saturday, 19 March 2016

Picture This #345 ~ Got It !!

Many thanks to Benni for hosting this week. She's chosen a great theme, should get some really good selections. I had a good think about this one and have decided to go with one of my favourite subjects: BIRDS.   They are great for "got it" moments!! 

Here are mine:

1) This is one of my all-time favourite shots. This flamingo was resting, but was also still alert and watching it's surroundings. It was also standing against a dark background, which helped with composition.
Flamingo 1

2) The Wood Stork is one of the ugliest birds, but I find them a fascinating subject!!
Wood Stork's Eye

3) This parrot was struggling to stay awake on a really hot day!!
Sleepy Parrot

4) Emus are such comical birds, and pull some really funny faces.
Emu 4


  1. Oh Mitch, those are some great captures! The flamingo is very special with her beak beneath her peachy-orange feathers and that one eye alert. Love the detail on the wood stork, it's head is so unique. Do you ever wonder why it is that way? Nice sleepy parrot, and grand shot of the open mouthed emu. They have funny heads, too, with that curly hair (or I guess it is feathers).

  2. The eye of the beholdee is being beheld by the camera being held by the beholder

    Very expressive

    "Im keeping my eye on the sparrow."

    "Im really EMUsed."

  3. These are really good. Love the flamingo shot, great capture. That "ugly" bird looks like something from a Terry Pratchett book. Beautiful sleepy parrot and yes, emus seem to be the jokers of the race.

  4. wow Mitch these are all so wonderful you have a great eye for birds and macro