Monday, 7 March 2016

Picture This #343 ~ Stairs, Lifts And Escalators

Hi everyone! I'm a bit late, which comes of eating too spicy a bowl of chili Friday night. I love the banner picture by Belita, such a beautiful scene, so nostalgic for me. Here are my pictures, a little adventuresome.

Chicago office view
Stairs in the courtyard of my brother's office building.

Caspersen sand stairs
Ripples in the sand look like stairs, maybe.

Steps going down to the pool, with an orange floating tube.

There they are, as the Russians say: "лучше поздно, чем никогда" or "Better late than never."


  1. Nice view from on top. Interesting stairs in the sand and the orange tube sets a touch of contrast to the pool steps.

  2. Hi Benni!! Great shots for this week's theme. Love the 'look-down' view in the first shot. I really like the patterns formed by the walkways and stairs. I like your out-of-the-box thinking with the 'sand-stairs'. Great colour contrasts in the last shot.

  3. Hi Benni! What a nice view your brother has from the top of his office building! You're right... I look at the second shot and I see very unusual steps, yet very interesting stairs... The colours in the third shot are very good and the floating tube against the steps to the pool, make the shot be my favourite... perhaps because swimming is part of my routine...

  4. Sorry, Benni, I forgot to thank you for praising the photo used for this week's banner.

  5. Truly amazing stairs and fountains and garden