Saturday, 12 March 2016

Picture This #344 ~ Spring Flowers

Many thanks to Heidi for hosting this week. A lovely theme, although it has come a little too early for where I live. Apart from a few snowdrops and daffodils, there's nothing much happening here yet. So,  I'm going to post Spring flowers from previous years. 

Here are mine:

1) Backlit white Daffodil.
Backlit White Daffodil 1

2) Spring Phlox, with a visiting friend.
Flying Visit To Phlox

3) Magnolia, a Spring favourite of mine.
White Magnolia 1

4) Early-flowering Clematis.
Clematis 2


  1. Beautiful Daffodil

    Exquisite shot of the wasp on the Phlox

    Lovely Magnolia and Clematis.

  2. Lovely flower photos Mitch, your specialitiy. I love that white daffodil and the light effect is super - would be a great photo for a banner (just saying). the clematic also shows great details and the magnolia is really showing its beauty. My phlox are just poking through, lovely photo.

  3. WOW what a wonderful collection---love the Phlox ---the back lit daffy is so cool ---the clematis is nice ---love your magnolia love them we have so many around here it is wonderful as they bloom

    nice banner from Benni

  4. Hi, Mitch, that backlit daffodil is stunning. Love the little filament between the petals. Very nice spring phlox (and friend), beautiful magnolia, molded from porcelain. And the texture on the clematis is fabulous.

  5. hi Mitch it seems ages since I published my last pics. Great pics around here as usual, love the one with the visiting friend

  6. Hi Mitch! Stunning flower shots... awesome detail, good variety of them all...