Saturday, 26 March 2016

Picture This #346 ~ Action Shots

Here I am, busily packing to leave Florida and go back up north, where it is hopefully spring. But I wanted to post some pictures and comment on all of yours.

Great Blue Flight
Great blue heron in flight.

Water over the rocks. I'm just playing around, trying to master this technique.

Happy dog.

More waves.


  1. Beautiful capture of the soaring heron.

    Very cool treatment of the flow

    Born Free!!

    Beautiful shimmering lime/ocheralgaed rock and crystaline froth of the water

  2. Hi Benni! Awesome action shots... not only one or two but the four are really impressive.... love the second from the top... the waves look as if they were silky and this is a very beautiful effect...

  3. Hi Benni !! Fantastic shots for this week's theme!! The shot of the Great Blue in flight is just awesome!!! Don't often see shots of them in full flight with wings fully-extended...........yours is just fabulous!! Very good captures water splashing over rocks in the second and fourth photos. Love the shot of the dog, he looks so happy and full of life!!