Saturday, 19 March 2016

Picture This #345 ~ Got It!!

Thanks for hosting Benni, love the theme and congratulations to Belita for the banner shot.

I love taking close-ups. This was one of a horse's eye and I think I have the reflection of me taking the photo in his eye.
Eye of the horse

It is just not everyone that has a naked cat (Sphynx) belonging to the neighbour. He is no longer here, but the photos remain.

One of my experiments with reflection. The green vase was on the sideboard and the sun shining through the blinds.
Vase Reflection automatic

I found this photo this week. I had not put it in a category so it sort of got lost. I cannot judge whether it is good, but the colours just fascinated me.
Sky over Feldbrunnen, Switzerland


  1. The eye of the beholdee is being beheld by the camera being held by the beholder

    Truly magical and mysterious

    Fabulous shot

    Serene and beautiful capture of dusk

  2. Hi, Pat, some wonderful pictures! The horse's eye close-up is magnificent! Love your neighbor's unusual cat in a great pose. The green glass reflections make for a super picture. It's reflected on the table the wall and a fourth reflection from both table and wall. Wow. And you are right, the colors of the sky, trees and building are very fascinating.

  3. hi Pat love all your great shots --love the green glass wonderful
    close up of the eye is wonderful
    I love the last one yes great color

  4. Hi Pat!! Great shots for Benni's theme!! An excellent close-up of the horse's eye!! That's the kind of shot I'm always looking for. I love the pose you caught the Sphinx cat in. Your experiment with reflections is fantastic!! Multiple reflections from such a simple composition!! Lovely evening colours in the last shot.