Saturday, 26 March 2016

Picture This #346 ~ Action Shots

Many thanks to Anders for hosting this week. A cool theme, I'm hoping to see some great action-captures. I had to search through my archive, as action-shots are not something I do a lot of, but managed to find some!!

Here are mine:

1) Leaping Dolphin, Seaworld, Florida.
Leaping Dolphins 2

2) Riders on the Montu rollercoaster, Busch Gardens, Florida, go through a barrel-roll.
Montu Twist

3) I took this shot of a British Airways 747 at Windsor Castle, which happens to be under one of the outbound flight-paths from Heathrow Airport.
Low Flying

4) This shot might look blurry, but it contains quite a lot of action. I was driving through a rainstorm, you can see the rain on the windshield, along with the windscreen wiper in motion. 


  1. Wow - that is a fabulous capture

    Not one of my fav entertainments

    Cool shot of the plane


  2. hi Mitch happy easter to you

    love your shots the last one is so cool
    the plane and the ride are great

  3. Good catch of the springing dolphin and of the roller coaster. I think I would only take a photo, and definitely not partake. Nice photo of the plane, although I have never flown over Windsor. My path was always South towards the channel. Very good atmosphere on the shot from the road.

  4. Hi, Mitch, wow, I am so envious of the jumping dolphin. We need to train ours to do that. It's a great shot. Love the angle of the rollercoaster and the jet. That last shot of yours is fascinating. As you said, it has a variety of action in it, as well as color and texture. Intriguing.

  5. Hi Mitch! Very active actions - intentionally I used a pleonasm -, as I wanted to emphasise how the shots are a mixture of motion and emotion... Love them all...