Saturday, 12 March 2016

Picture This #344 ~ Spring Flowers

Interesting banner photo from Benni, and thanks for hosting Heidi.

It is still a little too early for our spring flowers as we had a slow down with some frost weather over the last week or so, although I now have one daffodil in the garden, 3 anemones which still have buds and some tulips which are still stalks. Of course the snowdrops have been flowering for some time.

Let's start with my lent roses, or whatever they are called. They are the first to flower in my garden already in February and are still flowering now. There is the white variety, of which I have one plant, called the Christmas Rose.
Lenten Rose
I do have a few crocus that decided to brave the way out of the cold ground.
Early spring crocus
Here is a daffodil, from last year. This years are still thinking about it.
Primula are the first we see flowering.
I do not know what these wild flowers are, but are one of the first to see flowering along the banks of the local river.
White buttercups


  1. Hi Pat---love your shots--
    I to saw my first daffodil yesterday cool
    love the last one will see if I can find some along the Rhein
    your Primels are nice my hubby liked them funny I never liked them silly

  2. Beautiful and petite roses

    Wonderful brilliant yellow crocuses

    Exceptional shot of the daffodil

    Beautiful primulas

    Sweet and petite bank-flowers.

  3. Hi Pat!! Lovely shots for Heidi's Spring theme. Nice flowers in the first shot, not a variety that I'm familiar with. Beautiful little yellow Crocuses, and of course the Daffodil is a Spring favourite for many. I usually see a lot of Primula here around this time, but I've not seen any yet. Don't know what the flowers in the final shot are, but I like them.

  4. Pat, such wonderful flowers. The Lent Roses are so delicate and i love the close up of the daffodil. Sunny little crocus and lemon yellow primula. Here we call them primroses. I think, but am not sure, that your white posies are Bloodroot. Nice picture with the ivy and tree trunk.

  5. Glorious pictures all, especially the crocus. Colors are fabulous.