Friday, 18 March 2016

Picture This #345 ~ Got it!!

Hi and welcome to Picture This. Wonderful banner shot by Belita.  Magnificent colors!!

Sometimes we take pictures and are delighted when they turn out the way we hoped they would. These shots put a smile on our faces and a wish to show them around. The theme this week is pictures which you might be extra proud of, pictures that you had to work to get, or pictures which were happy accidents. Maybe you've posted these before, but feel free to post them again. I suppose another way of putting this theme is "Favorite Pictures", but I went with "Got it!" which is how I feel sometimes when I've been working to get a shot of a tough subject.

And of course, remember what I always say: the theme is not important. Having fun showing us your pictures is the main thing.

Dog and ball
This is Tucker who ran after a ball many times so I could get this shot.

White egret
Egret in the evening sun.

Firecracker fern
I was finally able to get a picture of these challenging flowers.

P-51 Mustang
A P-51 Mustang, a harder capture than I had thought. Fortunately there was an airshow, so I had plenty of chances.


  1. Hi benni wonderful theme and love your shots
    yes belita's banner is very colorful

  2. Wonderful capture of the dog in action

    Beautiful shot of the egret makint its slow way through the waves.

    Beautiful flowers

    That was a cool plane in its heyday.

  3. Hi Benni! Awesome set of shots for the good theme of your choice. Amazing action in the first photo. Silvered water in the second... beautiful! Lovely flowers in the third and the last doesn't leave any doubt about your effort to capture it...

  4. Hi Benni!! Many thanks for hosting this week. A great theme!! I just love that shot of's just a perfect action-capture!! I really like how you caught the egret mid-stride, and the sunlight reflecting off the water. Lovely red tubular flowers, looks like you finally got the measure of them. Great capture of the classic plane to finish.

  5. Very good theme Benni. A good catch with the shot of the dog, just at the right time. Nice action shot of the egret and the floiwers are very pretty. Taking photos of planes is not easy, but you have succeeded well with this shot.