Saturday, 26 March 2016

Picture This #346 ~ Action Shots

Thanks for hosting Anders and at last my naked feline has found fame, especially as he no longer lives here. He was a thankful subject for photos.

Here is a shot of the lady that serves me my cold meat at the local supermarket.

And here is my oldest son at work with his boss (and a cockatoo on his shoulder which belongs to the boss)
Patrick at work

And I had to slip this one in. Me at the EMO Exhibion in Hannover, Germany with my boss on the right and our rep on the left being the booth hostess for the company for a week some time in the 1980's (a scanned photo)
EMO Hannover 199?

The gardener fitting in our new lawn.
Lawn rolls


  1. In the action of measuring I see.

    and lathe turning too and meeting and turfing.

  2. Hi, Pat! Glad your hairless cat has found fame! It's a nice shot of him. I like your pictures of daily transactions most especially the rolls of turf. We had those put in our garden as well, I was interested to see how they cut and rolled them up. Very nice shot.

  3. Hi, Pat! very good shots for this week's theme. All the actions are nicely captured. I particularly like not only the actions in themselves but also the diversity you share on here. Love the professionalism pictured in the first three while the bottom shot shows me something that I rarely see here in the city.

  4. Hi Pat!! Great shots for this week's theme. Very good take of the lady serving the cold meats and cheeses. It's always one of my favourite counters to visit when food shopping. Good take of your son with the bird on his shoulder. Not something you see at work every day!! You look very business-like in the third shot!! Great capture of the gardener and the rolls of turf.

  5. hi Pat happy Easter raining here

    love all your cool shots--love that bird how neat is that
    love you and your boss et all