Saturday, 2 April 2016

Picture This #347 ~ Something Blue

 photo 8de5ca09-aa84-45ba-a89e-25ad189c1480_zps7cmf68io.jpg

 photo 7ed48172-a3cf-4cc8-85c9-c9d95f40711b_zpsboogozwv.jpg

 photo 6caa9a17-7b29-46ee-bb2f-42d628edb982_zpsqje02mxe.jpg

 photo d599f5a4-68bd-473a-9462-fe5a6663121c_zpsay4kec2t.jpg


  1. Beautiful peacock.

    Stupendous blue sky

    Terrific capture of the statue.

    Beautiful paleblue sky

  2. Hi Nik!! Great to see you taking part again!! Some cool shots for this week's theme. Lovely illuminated peacock in the first shot. Good capture of the blue sky in the second shot. Cool hand-painted statue in the third shot. Does it have any significance? Or is it just a souvenir-type thing? Love that last shot, the red leaves stand out nicely against the blue sky.

  3. Hi Nik! I'm pleased to see you sharing on here such a nice set of shots for this week's theme. Very unusual peacock... love it! Nice blue sky with clouds that look like brush strokes across it... very colourful handicraft (I guess it is)... what a beautiful tree against a clear sky!

  4. Hi Nik glad to see you :)
    love your cool shots

  5. So glad to see you, Nik!! You have some fabulous shots. My favorite is the figurine with the eyeglasses wearing blue. I also like the blue peacock, the lovely sky, and the red blossoms. All outstanding.

  6. Wow! I love the big blue peacock! Pretty sky and the pottery is TOO CUTE.
    Lovely shot of the blue sky through the tree branches. Nice shots, Nikhil

  7. Always interesting shots from India and something out of the ordinary. Very impsosing blue peacock and the third photo has some interesting figures. Lovely blue skies.