Saturday, 9 April 2016

Picture This #348 ~ Flowing water

Grand banner shot!! Love the dog with the blue vest.

Water flowing slowly through cattails.

Water flowing off a dolphin's tail. This picture is highly cropped so quality suffers.

Caspersen 2
Flowing water of the Gulf.


  1. Serene capture of the creek

    Really cool shot of the whale

    Beaytiful and dramatic sea

  2. Hi Benni! Your selection is very peculiar for this week's theme... I love cat-tails... they add some value to the scenes... I would like to have a chance to see a dolphin close to me. You know, dolphins have been visiting Lisbon (last week, they did) because the waters of the Tagus River have become unpolluted... Just the lady, the wind and the waves... my favourite!

  3. oh benni these are all so good

  4. What a lovely photo of the cattails contrasting with the water. Lovely the perspective of the doilphin's tail and the water running off. Good shot of the sea, wish we had one.

  5. Hi Benni !! Wonderful shots for this week's theme. I love that first shot, reed-beds like that are great for photographing birds and insects in the summer. Wonderful capture of the dolphin "waving" to you. The third shot is such a tranquil scene. She's just leaving the cares of the world behind.