Saturday, 9 April 2016

Picture This #348 ~ Flowing Water

Thanks for hosting Mitch and congratulations Belita on the super banner shot. Just love that dog laying so casual with his pullover.

Let's start in the local cemetary, there is always water running there somewhere, a stream runs through it.

Fountain at Cemetery St. Kathrinen

We do have fountains in our town of Solothurn (11 in all), but this is a special new design on our main Amthausplatz. A matter of taste I suppose.
Fountains on Amthausplatz Solothurn

This guy is positioned in front of the St. Urs cathdral in  Solothurn.
Closeup Fountain, St. Urs.

This is one of the photos I took of the River Mosel in Germany when my son got married to a girl from the area. These barges are ever present on the river.
A Visit to the River Mosel area in Germany


  1. Serene

    Beautiful fountaining water¨

    "Top of the world, ma!"

    "Full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes!"

  2. Thanks, Pat, for praising the banner image. Sometimes, we are lucky and get everything favourable to take a not bad shot. It was the case...
    A stream running through a cemetery is something I have never seen but I can figure it out... Wow, your town has many fountains! Beautiful shot of that Roman style fountain flanked by a statue of a god... Those shades of green are very nice an the barge seems to be sailing very smoothly...

  3. Hi Pat! I am late posting. Great pix for the theme. An old fountain, a super modern one and a classical one. Lovely lines in the field above Mosul. Wonderful flowing water.

  4. Hi Pat!! Great shots for this week's theme. I like the little stream in the first shot, it's very similar to a stream that runs through the walled garden of an estate near me. Not sure about that modern fountain in the second shot. As you say, it's all a matter of taste, but to me it looks like a water-main just burst!! Excellent classical fountain in the third shot. Wonderful shot of the barges on the Mosul. Are they vineyards in the hills in the background?

  5. Hi Pat love your shots
    the new fountain is like the one in Sole Uno cool
    love the Neptune like fountain
    the Mosel soo lovely
    the cemetery fountain is very interesting