Sunday, 3 April 2016

Picture This #347 ~ Something Blue

Thanks for hosting Belita and blue is a good theme. Love the banner photo from Benni, that is really a great capture.

I am late this week, but I am here. I have just been busy doing this and that. My main hobby is writing perhaps accompanied with a photo in WordPress and I partake in so many various Challenges with colleagues, I have to find the time to fit them all in. Also I do not get out so much at the moment. Since my accident when I fell, I need time to get back into my walking shoes. Because of this I have only be taking photos around the house and garden and locally. I also have to be careful that I am not repeating my photos here.

Here is my first photo. My garden bird who keeps an eye on things for me.
bird in garden
These are a sort of forget me nots, but they are not annuals, they are constant and I discovered the official name is Siberian Burgloss. My sister-in-law had them in her garden and gave some to me about 10 years ago and they still appear every year.
forget me nots
And here is Mr. Swiss with our car in New York in 1993 - not really, but I told him to stand there and took the photo - non-digital photo, so I scanned it.
New York 1993
And here is Tabby relaxing on our blue bathroom carpet.


  1. Thanks, Pat! Appreciate the kind words. Love your pictures. Your garden bird is cute as can be, pretty shade of blue. Those are beautiful and delicate flowers; we have them here, or ones like them. Nice contrast with the green. Good photo of Mr. Swiss and the limo and I love your tabby on the blue rug. Wonderful detail.

  2. Hi Pat!! Better late than never!! Sorry to hear you're still not fully fit to get out and about as you usually like to do. Great shots for Belita's theme. I love your little 'garden bird', he always looks so cheerful. Lovely little Forget-Me-Nots. That's an impressive limo that Mr Swiss is standing by. I'm assuming it's a classic Lincoln Continental. Funny shot of Tabby giving you her famous "why are you bothering me now??" look.

  3. Delightful rocker

    Sweet and petite flowers

    Cool fella

    Terrific capture of your cat.

  4. Hi Pat and your foot will get better it just takes time mine took about 8 months but now all is well--
    love your pictures--Mr. Swiss love it lol
    your garden bird is so cool the pretty petit blue flowers love them and of course your tabby and the blue rug cool

  5. Hi Pat! Sorry to hear about your foot condition.... You have to be patient. I had one of mine broken (the peroneum, to be precise) a few years ago and it took me about 10 months to be back on the fairways. Love that bird, the colours, the material, all surely make your garden be a special one. Very nice colour of those tiny flowers... Ah, that car... something we rarely see in Europe but Mr. Swiss looks happy standing against it and now last but not least, Tabby, that is like a 'happy end' to a very nice set for the theme.