Saturday, 9 April 2016


Thanks, Mitch, for the choice of 'my dog' to be this week's banner image. I really feel honoured. Good theme, indeed, particularly in my case who loves water...

I took this photo at El Retiro Park in Madrid

While this one was at Villa Doria Pamphili (Rome) FLOWING WATER
But the man watering the ground at the Zoo in Bratislava (Slovakia) on a very hot day, caught my attention... FLOWING WATER
The Tagus river at Toledo (Spain), the same river that empties into the Atlantic Ocean, near Lisbon. FLOWING WATER


  1. Hi Belita!! Wonderful shots for this week's theme. Lovely fountain in the first shot. I really like the dog's (wolf's?) head fountain in the second shot. Great action-stop of the water flowing from the hose in the third shot. Was he spraying the water directly onto some of the animals to keep them cool? Beautiful shot of the Tagus.

    1. Thanks, Mitch, for your kind comment. I have no idea whether that is a dog's head or a wolf's head. I saw it at a park that encircled a Roman villa. I remember well, that man was sprinkling the ground and nothing else more. If he was sprinkling over an animal I would have included it in the image. Perhaps he was wetting the ground just to quell dust...

  2. Hi Belita wow wonderful shots love the second one and first is funny love it the last is great also

  3. Wonderful fountain

    Terrific bear's head.

    Wonderful shot of the waterer

    Beautiful lacefringed surf caressing the beach.

  4. The first photo shows an unusual fountain. Just love the fountain from Rome, so unique. good catch of the water from the hose and love the view on the Tagus. Great collection of photos.

  5. Hi, Belita, so nice to see your pictures. My favorite is the canine fountain, so ancient looking, clear water perfectly captured.