Saturday, 16 April 2016

PT CCCXLIX ~ Bridges

Terrific theme by Pat and banner by Mitch.

The Japanese bridge that spans the little creek that flows into the duckpond in the lower garden of Krapperup Castle.
 photo DSC_0485_zpsdo04fg3i.jpg

The bridge that connects the city to the Parapet
 photo DSC_0510_zps3zu9ifhi.jpg

The bridge to the Schwerin Castle
 photo 45_Sch_Slott_zpsfkfp4abd.jpg


  1. Lovely Japanese Bridge and an interesting construction with the connecting bridge. Both the castle and the bridge are very beautiful.

  2. Hi Anders! Good collections of photos. The Japanese-style bridge is exotic somehow and my favourite... Its red colour against the green vegetation makes the photo.

  3. Hi Anders! I love that red Japanese bridge with the greenery. It's very peaceful. The middle picture has some interesting colors and the bottom picture is fabulous!! Great bridge and wonderful castle.

  4. Hi Anders!! Great shots for Pat's theme. Lovely little Japanese bridge in the first shot. I have some photos of a similar bridge at a local estate that has a Japanese Garden. The bridge in the second shot is interesting. I like those pillars lining the right-hand side. Are they lights? I was admiring the castle in the last shot so much I almost didn't notice the bridge!!

    1. Thanks Mitch :) the lights are on the left side of the Parapetbridge, but the boxes on the pillars on the right might be too!