Saturday, 2 April 2016

Picture This #347 ~ Something Blue

Belita saw my first photo on Facebook and said I might be a fortune teller. She was right. This is a wonderful theme for me and I enjoyed finding pictures for it. I'm posting last as usual, having just woken. Thank you for putting my blue heron as the banner shot!!

Here are my three and when I wake up, I shall be around to enjoy and comment on your pictures.

Blue bottles on a rainy day.

Lizard and a blue pot.

Relaxed fisherman.


  1. Hi Benni!! Wonderful shots for this week's theme. You're not last, Pat hasn't posted as yet. I love that first shot, not just the blue bottles but the shell next to them as well. Makes a great still-life. Also love the rain on the window. Cool shot of Mr Lizard!! I'm going to miss the 'Daily Lizard' now you're back home. Good shot of the fisherman. So relaxed I think he was about to doze off!! LOL.

  2. Hi Benni wow wonderful wonderful blue shots and your banner is stupendous

  3. I love all of these, but especially the blue bottles in the window! great banner shot, too. Congratz! That's an amazing capture of the heron.

  4. Beautiful shimmering azureblue glassware

    Wonderful capture of the lizard teetering on the brink

    Serene shot

  5. Hi Benni! Now you understand the true meaning of my words...
    Beautiful deep blue of those three bottles... the shell adds a special touch to the composition... I guess the lizard was atracted by the blue colour... Excellent capture of the fisherman... the whole posture of him shows how relaxed he was....

  6. The bottles are a wonderful blue especially in the light refelctions. Love the lizard, shame he didn't change his colour to match the blue background. Good shot of the fisherman.

  7. Hi Benni! Please accept my apologies.... My comment hasn't included any word abut the beautiful banner image.... No matter where he was flying to... probably it was his 'snack' time...