Sunday, 17 April 2016


Congratulations, Mitch! Excellent selection for  this week's banner image...
Thanks, Pat, for the choice of the bridges theme...

Bridge of Angels (Rome)
Bridge - Rome - Ponte Sant'Angelo – “Bridge of Angels” ...
Bridge over The Douro River (Oporto) Bridge -Oporto
Cable stayed Bridge (Riga - Lithuania) Bridge - Riga-Latvia - Cable stayed
Roman Bridge (Stretch of the Spanish Way of  St. James)Bridge - Roman - Galicia - Spain


  1. Hi Belita, a very nice selection of bridges! The cable bridge in Riga caught my eye immediately. Wonderful contrast of a very modern looking structure with ancient buildings in the background. I think it is my favorite, and the others are lovely as well.

  2. Hi belita what a nice array of wonderful bridges

  3. Hi Belita!! You have a great selection of bridges in different locations. Lovely classical architecture of the bridge in Rome, although it's a shame about the grafitti along the far wall. I like the clean lines of the bridge in Oporto and the impressive geometry of the bridge in Riga. I like all the greenery around the little Roman bridge in the final shot.

  4. Beautiful classic bridge

    Very moden

    Like a piece of art

    Very quaint

  5. I like your choice of bridges, especially the modern one in Riga. Also the last one has a sort of charm to go with it, a bridge that has been there for so long.