Saturday, 9 April 2016

Picture This #348 ~ Flowing Water

Hi everyone, this is Mitch. I'll be your host for this week. Before we start can I just remind you that this is a very small group and relies on each and every member taking part as much as possible. Please remember that not everyone can post at the weekend. If someone cannot post until later because of other commitments, they often get overlooked for comments. PLEASE remember to check back and comment on late posts. Thank you.

This week's theme should be an easy one for everyone. It's 'Flowing Water'. There's flowing water just about everywhere you look, so you should have something for it. Rivers flowing, rain falling, waterfalls, water running from a tap......the possibilities are endless. Let's see some great shots!!

Here are mine:

1) Water running over a small weir.
Slate Weir B&W

2)  The ebb and flow of the ocean.
Power Of The Ocean 1

3) Water running from an outflow pipe.

4)  Waterfall in sunlight.
Sunlit Waterfall 2


  1. Beautiful crystalclear waterfall.

    Dramatic lacewhite frothing waves dashing themselves against the unyielding rockwall

    Budget shower

    Utterly lovely shimmering silverstains against the iridescent azureblue sky

  2. wonderful banner from belita
    your theme is really cool I love water !
    love all your shots

  3. The ebb and flow of the ocean is gorgeous! I'd love to have that one enlarged and hanging in my living room.

    The black and white ones are great shots and show the motion very well. The last one is one of my favorites. I love the sun glinting from behind the rocks, the mist and the water drops. So lovely!

  4. You really have the trick with running water photography, I am still in my children's shoes with it. Love the action of the water in the first shot. Fascinating second shot, especially as Switzerland does no have a coastline. the third is a really good catch from the photographer's eye and the last photo could almost be in Switzerland, nice effect of the light on the water drops.

  5. Hi Mitch! Great pix. The patterns of the water going over the weir are fascinating. Majestic ocean and interesting water spurting out. And, of course, your lovely masterpiece of the waterfall in sunlight. So grand!!

  6. Hi Mitch! Awesome pictures, as always! I can hear well the peculiar sound of the flowing water in the first shot. It reminds me of a small section of a dam... The B&W makes it dramatic, somehow! The music of the ocean/sea waters striking against rocks never disappoints me... Nice shot of a common scene... and the last looks magic, indeed!