Friday, 15 April 2016

Picture This #349 ~ Bridges

My turn this week it seems and the theme is Bridges. I don't know if we have had it before probably, but perhaps in the meanwhile we have crossed some new bridges. As usual I am doing it on Friday evening as I do not always have the time on Saturday, and at the moment do not know if I have to leave you all for a few days to go to England as my father has been in hospital for the past 3-4 weeks.

This bridge is in a village near us on the Rive Emme and is part of the section for the kayak club: that is why there are so many strange red and white poles hanging for the kayaks to steer through I suppose.

Derendingen 14.04 (23)

This is the so-called Krezacker Bridge in Solothurn and only for pedestrians. Now and again a tourist with his car might take a wrong turning. He is then sure to have his photo in the local newspaper and will become the laugh of the town.
Kreuzackerbr├╝ck, Solothurn

This is the train bridge across the River Aar in Solothurn which has the trains  Z├╝rich-Geneva that passes through Solothurn on their way. The tower on the left is known as the Wonky Tower (Krummturm) and as you can see the architect made some sort of mistake when it was built some time in the 15th century. Anyhow it is still standing and not yet collapsed.
Chrummturm Solothurn

And here is a bridge over the River Thames at Rainham, near London.
River Thames at Rainham, London


  1. Pat you picked a wonderful theme
    sorry about your dad hope he gets better fast
    good luck

  2. Hi Pat!! Many thanks for hosting this week, a great theme you've chosen. I'm not sure, but I don't think we've had this subject before!! I do hope your dad is feeling better soon!! Good take of the wooden bridge that is part of the canoe/kayak slalom course. Nice view from the bridge in the second shot of the town and the hills beyond. I do like the 'wonky' tower next to the railway bridge. Wonderful shot of the Thames at Rainham. The background skyline has a unique kind of beauty....what I'd call 'industrial art'.

  3. Great shot of the kayak-bridge.

    I could happen to you ;)

    Wonderful classic railway bridge

    Grea<t capture of the bridge at dusk

  4. Beautiful pictures and very interesting commentary. I love the "wonky" tower bridge; it's a very nice shot. Hope things go well for your father.

  5. Hi Pat! Sorry to read about the health condition of your father. I sincerely wish him the best...
    Four shots, all of them very interesting. Thanks for the detailed explanation you give us about the top three shots. The words related to the second from the top made me smile. I can figure out how a tourist can easily make that mistake. Excellent choice of the bridge over The Thames River to be the last of of the set... A beautiful happy-end...