Saturday, 30 April 2016

Picture This #350 ~ Waterscapes

Many thanks to Heidi for hosting this week. A great theme, we should see lots of good shots!! 

Here are mine:

1) Flying over Lake Mead, Nevada.
Lake Mead 1

2)  Reflection Pool, Avon Heath, Dorset, England.
Reflection Pool 1

3) Fishing boat off the Dorset coast, England.
Gone Fishin'

4)  Calm sea at dusk, Pembrokeshire coast, Wales.
Headlands At Dusk


  1. wow love your shots Lake Mead great from the air
    love the fishing boat wow
    the last one is so calm love it

    your pick of Pats banner fits perfectly how did you know :)

  2. Beautiful and majestic


    The Little Fishing Boat That Could

    Utterly lovely seascape

  3. Hi Mitch - Lake Mead has an interesting shoreline; almost fractal. The peace of the Dorset pond contrasts with the choppy seas in your next picture. That one grabs me due to the texture of the water. Your last photo is an exquisite blend of clouds, sky, sea and cliffs. I could sit all evening and contemplate.

  4. Nice shots, Mitch! It's pretty amazing seeing land and water from the air. Makes you realize just how small we actually that yellow fishing boat. It looks so tiny in the midst of the deep blue sea.

    Pretty reflecting pool. So calm. So still. I love pastoral scenes.

    My favorite is the last. There is a deep sense of pride about it. Very nice!