Saturday, 1 April 2017

Picture This #396 ~ On Water

Thanks for hosting Benni and what a wonderful banner picture.

Going for walks along the River Aar are one of my pastimes, with the camera of course and so I am shooting photos everywhere.

I took this photo yesterday on a walk.
River Aar 31.03.2017

It seems it is not only ducks that like to be on the water - another one from yesterday.
Dog River Aar 31.03 (1)

This is apparently a black coot as someone told me. Nothing special it seems, but he did a nice pose for me.
Ducks 12.03 (7)

I saw these two on the river from top of the river bank.
River Aar 17.03 (6)


  1. Hi Pat !! Wonderful shots for Benni's theme!! Is that a special 'mooring rock' that the boat is tied to , in the first shot? Great shot of the 'soggy doggie' emerging from his morning 'dip'. Indeed, Coots are not a rare bird, but they can be difficult to get a ghood shot of. You've got a fabulous capture there, it's unusual to see them display their wings like that!! Great silhouettes of the fishermen going out in their little boat.

  2. Hi, Pat. Lovely pictures. Not sure what that boat is attached to but it is interesting. The doggie looks cold, but nice shot. Outstanding picture of the black coot, and peaceful picture of the fishermen.

  3. Well-anchored

    WET DOG - the new scent for men and successful dates

    "I spread my wings and prepare to fly."

    "You're not supposed to stand in the boat."

  4. love all your cool shots the do is cool glad to see you walking