Saturday, 1 April 2017

Picture This #396 ~ On Water

Hello to everyone, I am back in Michigan and hosting this week's Picture This. My lizard loves being the banner shot!!

Our theme this week will be "On Water"; things or events that happen on the water. I hope you'll have fun with this one and use your imagination. Here are mine, including a 4th which was taken by Tom.

Sailboat and sea grasses.

White headed pelican
A pelican on clear aqua water.

Rescue of pelican
A rescue of a pelican that had gotten a fish hook in her wing. The fishermen immediately were able to  capture her, work the hook out, and, after resting, she flew off.

I am not the most graceful on water, but it's good exercise.

Have fun!!


  1. wonderful theme and wonderful banner
    love all your shots

  2. Wonderful capture of the sailingboat

    "Im jes' glidin'."

    Poor thing - samaritans to the rescue!

    "Im jes' chillin'."

  3. Hi Benni !! many thanks for hosting this week. A great theme, should see lots of interesting photos!! Great shot of the double-masted sailing boat, could imagine being out fishing on it. Beautiful shot of the pelican, love it's varied head-colours. It's good to see responsible fishermen, who care as much for the wildlife as they do for their pastime. Who cares about graceful? It's all about the exercise and just the fun of splashing about in water!!

  4. Love your photos. Something completely different for me as we only have rivers and lakes in Switzerland. All the more interesting to see your big bird sailing on the water, and the ships in the distance. Good capture of swimming person, and love the fishermen rescuing the pelican, although probably something that happens too often.