Sunday, 9 April 2017

Picture This #397 ~ The Colour Red

Thanks for hosting Heidi and banner photo from Mitch

This is my second attempt to post something this week.
Flickr is acting strange with me at the moment and does not do what it should for me.

Here is a paraglider we saw on a visit to one of the local mountains.
Paraglider 16.03 (2)

Our local train is red.
Bipperlisi 30.12 (2)

Gerbera flowers I saw in the local store.


  1. Hi Pat!! Great shots for Heidi's theme. An excellent action-capture of the para-glider. Stands out nicely against the blue sky. Great shot of your sleek modern train. Beautiful glowing Gerberas!!

  2. Hi Pat. Sometimes I have trouble with Flickr too, it is frustrating. Your paraglider is very striking against the blue sky. Nice picture of the train with the red light and sign. I like this picture very much. Beautiful red flowers.

  3. Hi Pat sorry you had problems with Flicker a few others did to
    love the first one lucky to spot him we have those to
    the flowers are wonderful and I love your red train

  4. Very good choice of shots showing different shades of the colour red exhibited by various subjects...