Saturday, 15 April 2017

Picture This #398 ~ Evoking Titles Of Films, Books Or Music Genres

Nice colourful banner picture by Debby and thanks Belita for the theme, something completely different to make my brain work.

The Birds - film by Alfred Hitchcock.

Crows 26.12 (9)

The 39 Steps, book by John Buchan.
Solothurn 05.04 (8)

The Big Dig (Blaumilch Kanal) book by Ephraim Kishon.
Renovation 10.04 (5)

Waiting for Godot, play by Samual Beckett.
Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 20.03 (2)


  1. Hi Pat wow love them all
    the big dig cool and 39 steps wow the birds well done

  2. Great picks/pix!! That's quite a group of birds; nice capture of the ones in flight. Beautiful lines on the steps and a perfect choice for Big Dig. I had a bit part in Waiting for Godot (the boy) many many years ago. Still love the play and your picture is good.

  3. That is one of the best horror movies ever made

    Cool take on the classic thriller

    Cool shot of the driller

    And of the street scene

  4. Hi Pat! Your set of photos caught my special interest from the top to the bottom. Though I have never appreciated films by Hitchcock, I really like your photo of the birds... Perfect! Very beautiful stairs design... intriguing total number of steps... most probably, a detective story full of mystery. I've very good memories of the play by Beckett. My last oral test at University focused on it... I loved the attitude of Stragon and Vladimir and the work in its whole which I think I can say has a lot of Absurdism, somehow! After all these words, the bottom one is my favourite, obviously...

  5. Hi Pat !! Great entries for Belita's theme. The Birds is a classic and your photo is perfect in evoking memories of it!! The 39 Steps I never read, but I've seen at least two movie versions of it. Again, a good photographic representation of it. I'm not familiar with 'The Big Dig' but your photo is a good interpretation of the title!! Waiting For Godot is one of those plays I keep thinking I really must either read or see one of these days, but never get round to it. I don't even know what it's about, so have no idea if the photo is a good representation. However, those green bins all lined up reminded me of Brits queueing up in the Post Office!! LOL.