Saturday, 29 April 2017

Picture This #400 ~ Pets

Hi everyone, this is Mitch and I'll be hosting this week. This week is our 400th theme. I had originally planned to make it a special theme, but unfortunately due to major changes at work which has included me working away from home for some of the time, means I really haven't been able to give it the time I really wanted to. As such it will be just a normal theme. I decided to go with the theme of 'PETS'. Either photos of your own pets you have taken over the years, or if not, then photos of other people's pets is fine!!

1) This is an old pre-digital photo of my Afghan hound 'Saga', curled up in her own special chair. It was an old chair that should have been thrown out years before, but she loved it.

2) Another old pre-digital photo of two other pets I had back in the 80's. On the left is Tara, another Afghan and on the right is Ben, a collie-cross. 
Ben & Tara 2

3) This is 'Sable'. She's my mom's dog. This was taken when she was about two years old. She's now 8.
Sable 11

4) This is my neighbour's cat having a siesta on the roof of my old car. 
Lazy Cat 1


  1. Hi Mitch nice theme am allergic to pets sigh so will see what I can tound up

    love all your wonderful pets

  2. Hi Mitch, lovely pictures. The colors in the picture of Saga are great! It's so interesting how her coloring and the colors of the chair blend into each other. Tara is a beautiful animal and Ben looks perky and intelligent. Sable is beautiful as well and the cat is very content on the hood of the (probably) warm car.

  3. Wonderful shots of your Afghans.

    "Im so tired..."

  4. Great shots, Mitch! Saga is a real beauty! I love all of them! Makes me want more dogs!

  5. Afgans always look like people in fur coats to me, almost divas with the long hair on the head. The "other" dogs are also very attractive, but the Afgans steal the show. I think cats can sleep anywhere LOL

  6. Hi Mitch! Love the pose of the aristodog lady in the first shot... really a beautiful dog, while the other shots also deserve being praised...