Sunday, 30 April 2017

Picture This #400 ~ Pets

I have so many photos of my three cats as well as other animals, that it is difficult to choose.

Let's begin with Nera. She was my chief cat, and left us a couple of years ago for the eternal corn chambers, for her 10th life. She loved computers and would often help to solve problems.

Nera and computer

Fluffy was a Selkirk Rex. She lost her sight at the age of 2 through an accident, but never seemed to be lost and found her way around perfectly. She left us a few years ago for her 10th life.
Fluffy having a wash

And presenting Tabby, now my only feline that owns me. She also has her own blog in WordPress and gets me organised. This is one of her studio photos.
Tabby 08.03 (1)


  1. Hi Pat! Wonderful cats. I love the picture of Nera looking at the computer; I imagine she was a great help. Your second picture is a fabulous capture of a cat licking herself!! And Tabby looks so intelligent and inquisitive in her portrait.

  2. Hi Pat!! Great shots for this week's theme, with all the 'usual suspects'. Yes, Nera certainly was a unique feline, I don't think I'd come across another feline with her understanding of computers, although I know Tabby is quite proficient too. I always had the feeling that Fluffy had some sort of built-in feline radar. Yes, Tabby still keeps you on your toes!!

  3. Utterly wonderful shot of Nera. Your very own computor expert.

    Delightful capture of Fluffy. Indeed cats have ways to cope.

    Beautiful photo of Tabby. Even cats have to move with the times.

  4. Ah your beloved cats... very beautiful shots...