Saturday, 22 April 2017

Picture This #399 ~ Machines

Many thanks to Pat for hosting this week. Another good theme that I don't recall us ever doing before. Had to have a think about this one, but found some good examples in my archive. 

1) Locomotive on the Snowdon Mountain Railway, North Wales.
Snowdon Mountain Railway

2) A fun machine!! The Montu rollercoaster, Busch Gardens, Florida.
Montu Twist

3) The inside of a washing machine!!
Colour Wash

4) Machinery raising a road bridge, Cardiff Bay, Wales.
Barrage Bridge


  1. Good photo of the famous Snowdon Railway. Great view of the roller coaster and always great that a male of the species takes a photo of the inside of a washing machine . Interesting details of the road bridge. And thanks for choosing my crows as banner photo.

  2. Hi Mitch love the train and the washing machine lol the ride is cool
    the road raining machine is co cool

  3. Wonderful little train

    I've rode one of these when I was young - never again

    Cool shot

    Terrific capture

  4. Hi Mitch. Very intriguing selection and variety. Love the roller coaster especially.