Saturday, 15 April 2017

Picture This #398 ~ Evoking Titles Of Films, Books Or Music Genres

I got very excited over this theme and had a wonderful time picking out pictures! Thank you, Belita, for hosting and a creative theme, and also thanks to Debby for a wonderful banner shot.

Shell seekers
The Shell Seekers.

A Place in the Sun.

Red Umbrella
On The Beach.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?


  1. Great books both of them

    A terrifying film about nuclear holocaust


  2. Hi Benni !! great entries for Belita's theme!! Good match between photo and title for 'The Shell Seekers', although I've never read the book. I'm assuming the second shot refers to the 1951 movie starring Elizabeth Taylor? 'On The beach' was a genuinely scary examination of nuclear war. Love that last shot.......the chipmunk sneaking up on the black squirrel just made me laugh out loud.

    1. Yes, with Elizabeth Taylor. Quite the drama. Glad you enjoyed the chipmunk/squirrel picture; it was the first one I picked out.

  3. Had to have a little laugh, especially on the last one. Otherwise very suitable choices, each one fitting perfectly.

  4. Hi Benni!Thanks for your kind words. I really appreciate the excellent choice of the photos for the theme. they are all perfect... Perhaps because I read the book and saw the film, the Seagull is my favourite, though the shell seekers - you know well how I am fond of candid shots - and the beautiful light in the second shot making the place very inviting (Did you know Portugal was one of the five countries that the team visited to film some scenes?), not to mention the hilarious bottom shot, make your set a very very intersting one...