Saturday, 29 April 2017

Picture This #400 ~ Pets

Hi and Good Morning to everyone, or Good Day as I realise I am several hours earlier. I love this theme and also love our banner shot by Mitch. Here are my pictures of pets, my own and others.

Cat in sun

Many of you will recognise Honey, our cat. Here she is sitting in the sun.


Honey was a rescue cat and from her earliest days she liked to join us in whatever we were doing.


Before Honey, we had Vancouver, who was 19 years old when I took this picture. She liked to sleep on the foot rest of the recliner, and I made a little blanket for her to be sure she was warm.

Brohard Dog Beach

Someone else's dog about to catch a frisbee.


  1. Hi Benni !! Love your shots for this week's theme. Honey was such a beautiful cat, I always loved to see your photos of her 'helping' Tom, the one where's she's helping him 'do the tax returns' is a particular favourite. Sweet photo of Vancouver. Was she a Siamese? There's a coincidence between that photo and one of mine, because Tara, one of my Afghans, used to have a similar blanket (only bigger) when she was older. Great capture of the dog on the beach about to leap for the frisbee!!

    1. Yes, a Siamese, but not a registered one. Some come with fancy papers, ours just came from a family that sold the kittens. In her prime she was 13 pounds of death on the paw. We never had mouse problems. Keeping the parakeets safe was tough but we managed.

  2. Utterly sweet shots of your cat and wonderful capture of the dog at play.

  3. Benni love all your cool shots wonderful pets

  4. Cats have a charm of their own and love your shots. They love to pose for photos I am sure.

  5. Love the different attitudes of the cats...