Friday, 21 April 2017

Picture This #399 ~ Machines

Hello everyone from Switzerland and yes, we had snow this week, but only big mega flakes that melted afterwards. The problem was that we had freezing temperatures to go with it.

And now to this weeks theme. I have to do it on Friday evening as I really do not have time on Saturday morning, or any morning. The theme is machinery. We have probably had it before, but I checked through this year and did not find it.

At the side of the path to our local River Aar there is a machine room dealing with something to do with the river. I am not sure what, but it could be electricity, or a filter work. The gates are usually locked and so are the rooms inside, but I noticed that the door of the machine room had been left opened and so I zoomed in with the camera and took a shot.
Power Station  Electricity 17.04 (3)

We once visited our oldest son at work (Mr. Swiss in the background). This machine has something to do with working on metal.
Patrick at work

And our farmers need machines for spraying manure on the fields in Spring.
Tractor spreading fertiliser 31.03 (4)


  1. Hi Pat great theme nope we never had this one really cool
    love all your shots

  2. Hi Pat!! Many thanks for hosting this week. Great theme, I don't recall us ever doing this one before. Interesting and unusual machine in the first shot, looks like a giant vacuum-cleaner!! Very good second photo, looks like an industrial lathe or turning machine used for making metal parts for things like cars or aircraft. The machine in the third shot is very familiar, I see them a lot in the area where I live.

  3. Perhaps a pumpstation

    Might be a lathe - which cut groves in the metalpiece

    The shit is not hitting the fan its hitting the grass

  4. Great theme and great pix. The metal working machine is interesting and an interesting picture.

    1. My husband agree with Anders. It's a lathe.