Saturday, 15 April 2017

Picture This #398 ~ Evoking Titles Of Film, Books Or Music Genres

Many thanks to Isabel for hosting this week, a theme we have never had before. It's a good one that makes you think!! Took me a while to figure out which shots to use and how they related to the theme.

1) 'A River Runs Through It'. 1992 movie directed by Robert Redford. 
River 3

2) 'The Joshua Tree' 1987 album by U2.
Joshua (Red Rock)

3) 'The Road'. 2009 movie starring Viggo Mortensen.
On The Road 1

4) 'Born In The USA'  1984 song by Bruce Springsteen.
Stars & Stripes 1


  1. Hi Mitch! Good to read we have never had the theme before. Excellent choice of titles and related pictures. The light and shadow against the tall cliffs, and the small size of the pebbles river banks contrast sharply... beautiful! Love the close-up of the Joshua tree... I have already seen the tree but didn't know its name... Wow.. The Road... how much fun I would have if drove along it and reached those mountains...very good perspective... Ah...the USA flag flying with pride... You may wonder which of the four is my favourite... the choice is not easy but I love the Joshua Tree...

  2. And great one too.

    U2 are one of the best bands

    Wonderful perspective

    Great song

  3. Majestic pictures, Mitch. Perfect one for A River Runs Through it; such a great shot with the light, shadows and trees growing out of rock at the top. The Joshua tree is wonderful as well as is the road shot with mountains in the distance. Marvelous clouds too in both that shot and the flag.

  4. Good choices Mitch, although the first thought I had was a River running through it, but you got their first. Otherwise choices to make me have a look to see if I had seen that film with Mortensen which I think I did. The music choices are OK, but I am not so much into U2, but the road is never ending. Bruce Springteen is more my sort of thing and a good choice of photo to suit the theme.