Saturday, 22 December 2012

Lynda's Rockin' Heart Ranch: 179 Christmas

PT Challenge 179: Christmas 

I usually always have an Amaryllis flower (or more) this time of the year.   The first one to bloom this year was a deep red and is past it's blooming stage.  I think this is the prettiest one I have ever had and the largest.  10" blooms and 33" tall.  Currently it has 2 blooms and this photo was taken while the second bloom was only a bud. 


This is a new addition.  Just snowman and tree that I found at Wal-Mart.  Really like how the morning light shines through it.  Also have some battery operated lights (rechargeable).

_DSC0208 copy

I unpacked some boxes that had been in the storage barn since moving out here in the fall of '04.  Found some ornaments that I had bought after Christmas and never used.  I don't have room for a tree,  these are hanging in the same window with lights where the snowman lives.  The photo is the early morning sunrise shining through the glass ball.

_DSC0179 copy

To view a few more of my Christmas things with a western style: Lynda's Western Christmas   


  1. Hi Lynda!! A lovely set of photos for the Christmas theme. That's a lovely Amaryllis flower, I really like the colours. Cute snowman and tree ornaments. I really love the sunrise through the glass ornament, it's beautiful!!

    Wishing you, Russ and all the horses a very happy Christmas!!

  2. Wonderful entry. I really appreciate the last one!

  3. I like the vibrancy and clarity of your photos. My favorite is the bottom one...stunning capture!

  4. 3 wonderful Christmas photos. I love an amaryllis for Christmas. Nice snowman and the sun shining through the glass ball is really original and beautiful

  5. Lynda, fabulous photos!!!! I can't say which of the three is my favourite... all are!

  6. The amaryllis is just stunning. What lovely color contrast and detail!!

  7. Wow - magnificent flower.

    Beautiful Christmas composition.

    Love the vivid colours.

  8. WOW just WOW LOVE them all especially the last one
    have good holiday

  9. hehehe forgot to tell you that flower is magnificent and you did a wonderful job of photographing it

  10. Beautiful shots my friend Merry Christmas;)