Sunday, 23 December 2012


Yesterday, in the afternoon, I went out with the main purpose of trying to find something that might suit this week's challenge. I didn't want to post any photo from last Christmas. Obviously, I took several photos but these three I would like to share with you...

1. Red balls decoration


2. Christmas on the seashore -It was amazing to me - All made of sand! It was bigger than you may think but I wanted to show you the scene in full. CHRISTMAS 2012

3. At a Christmas market CHRISTMAS 2012-


  1. the contrast in the top one is beautiful

    I can tell the village is big by comparing it to the dog, it must have taken quite awhile to create it

    what is he making in the last photo?

  2. The red bauble are delightful. I did the same thing as dp in using the dog to get an idea of scale.

    The woman in the bottom picture really makes the shot.

  3. These beautiful Christmas red ornament balls.
    Amazing arts created by sand!
    It must be something very delicious, according to that lady's craving eyes.

  4. Christmas on the sea shore is so original and wonderful work, good capture. I had the same thought when posting, none of the old stuff from over the years, but I had to make a journey through my home. The christmas ball arrangement is very christmassy, and I wonder what the baker was makinng. Something delicious from Portugal certainly.

  5. The china pot is Villeroy and Bosch.

  6. Beautiful Christmas decorations.

    It sure is celebrated where we are.

    Making Christmas treats, surely.

  7. Hi Belita!! Going out to find new Christmas shots was certainly worth it, you found some great ones!! Beautiful red decorations in the first shot, I love the multiple identical reflections. Fantastic Christmas sand-sculpture on the beach, That must have taken a LOT of work!! I wonder what tasty treat the man is making in the last shot??

  8. That sand Christmas village is wonderful. Someone went to a lot of trouble. As always, all of your photos are great.

  9. all very nice
    love the sea side picture lovely

  10. Thanks all for the comments. That man was preparing some special sausages. Once again, I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

  11. Beautiful shots as always Merry Christmas Belita;)