Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Picture This 177: Water In Motion

This challenge is very nice Baz!
Now a week ago I was swinging in rain.
Not this week, only fog in my skies.
So for these shots I went back a few months and picked a couple.
Starting out with the water fixture on the patio.
Spent lots of time with the sounds of water pouring down on the frog.
Too bad it is put away for the winter months.
There are a few around town that don't shut down for winter.
So had to add one of them from the other morning.
I could not help it, to add the waterfall from this past springs drive about.
Looking forward to getting out in a couple months to capture some more in
this area. So far no snow here, but the cascades are getting really dumped on.
That will make for some really dramatic runoff this March.
Hope everyone is staying dry behind the ears. I look forward to getting about and seeing what everyone has posted.


  1. We are quite dry here. Did get a dusting of "dry" snow this week. Your photos are nice. I'd love a fountain like the first photo.

  2. Wow... Fantastic! Love these three... Very cute water fixture... Sharp background in the second... The third is almost mesmerizing with its silky smooth water...

  3. Hi Randall. Three excellent shots for this week's theme. I love both the water features, but the second one is my fave of the two. Fantastic waterfall shot!! Perfect posting this week, Randall !!

  4. 3 great shots on the mechanism of running water. the first is exceptional

  5. Great shots, I particularly like the lacy white falls. And the cute frog in the paddle boat.

  6. Three Fantastic shots Randall~!! I Love the first one,my favorite, soo neat~!! But, all three are Beautiful~!!

  7. I especially like the last one...I would like to take one like that but I rarely carry my tripod with me :) And in number 1, the water sings a song of happiness...

  8. Simply love your water fixture on the patio, suppose it would freeze in your winters, as is the 2nd one, looking frozen already ..........now jealous *growls* how to take a waterfall and make it all liquid shiny mysterious. Tripod??? Slow shutter speed. ? wonderful capture.

  9. Wonderful fountains.

    Paradisiacal waterfall.