Sunday, 30 December 2012

Picture This #180 - Fresh And Bold

Bold winter scene in Canada
Bold Winter Scene

Looked down from my hotel window, Milan street greens looked like a Fresh Broccoil!
Fresh Broccoil


  1. Hi Marcel!! I really like your shots. The deep snow provides a handy way to park a cycle!! Yes, the greens in the second shot does look like a giant sprig of broccoli !!

    1. Thanks, Mitchy
      I finally got a chance to share this giant broccoli! LOL

  2. Great photos I must say. Love broccoli. LOL

  3. That is a terrific shot of the bike. The green really stands out against the white and brown snowy woods. I love the "broccoli" as well. The colors of the cobblestone street make me want to go down and explore. Two very nice and creative takes on the theme; glad you posted them.

  4. LOL the bike. That is such a good photo - wonder if the owner ever dug it out. Perhaps it was a giant Broccoli - Silvio Berlusconi would probably do anything for publicity. Great photo.

  5. I love 'greens' and yours, yet different from 'mine', are really beautiful...

  6. mmm broccoli! very fresh...cycling in the snow? that is bold, you seem to have a green theme in these photos :)