Monday, 3 December 2012

Picture This 176: Cold

It was 75 degrees Fahrenheit today. Not cold at all. It does get cold at night (as low as 30 degrees sometimes).  Nevertheless here are my humble offerings:

It was about 50 degrees when this was taken.

Cold Ale


Don't worry little buddy I won't let you get cold!!

Donovan 029


  1. I will take a tall glass filled with one of them skull splitters. LOL

  2. Hi Danette. Thanks for taking part in this week's challenge. That beach does look a little cold. Is that snow or foam? Great shot of the ale. I suspect with a name like 'Skull-Splitter' the after-effects of too many would be exactly that!!! LOL. The little one is nicely wrapped against the cold in the last shot :-))

    Danette, just a note about posting on the new PT site: Blogger has a storage limit for photos uploaded directly to the site (and not a very generous one), so please use copy/paste of HTML from storage sites such as Flickr or Photobucket. Many thanks :-))

    1. ooops I forgot about that Mitchy, thanks for the reminder...I'll have to start using photobucket again...

      not snow, seafoam :)

  3. Sure like that last photo but all are nice.

  4. Hey GF, These are GREAT~!! Love the Beach, Wow, Couldn't get a tan there.
    I Love the "Skull Splitter" Giggle, Never heard that . Good Name for it.
    Ooooo and that little one , so Precious, Both of 'em are. They have the same blankets as Here I guess all Hospitals do.

  5. The Skull Splitter (I had just one, as usual) at a Scottish Pub in Savannah with a few friends.

  6. A wonderful frothy sea (is it ice). A cold beer and a beautiful baby to warm the heart. Lovely photos.

  7. After a long walk on the beach you might want to thaw in a pub with a "cool" one and the go home and take care your little brother.

  8. so nice to see you here, Danette. Wonderful captures, a walk on a cold beach, a nice glass of something alcoholic and cold *winks* .........I love the children, such a nice take on the theme. Hugs