Saturday, 22 December 2012

Picture This 179 - Christmas

My wonderful neighbour had this little Santa in front of her door, so I asked if I could take his photo. She said, you can take it home and keep it until Christmas, I have another figure for my door Now she has a wonderful angel in front of her door (must take a photo), but here is Santa.


And here is our mini Christmas tree. If we had a mega tree, we would have 3 inquisitive cats trying to see who reaches the top first of all.

Christmas tree

My step-daughter visted last week and brought me this wonderful Christmas bowl. She had filled it with Christmas Biscuits that she had baked herself. They were delicious and now the bowl is empty, but a beautiful ornament for a Christmas arrangement.

Christmas bowl


  1. Very nice neighbor!
    I really like your little tree (a lot less work and not as heavy as a big one!
    A cute bowl (I really like the lid too)must've been some delicious biscuits :)

  2. Cute Santa, and lovely small Christmas tree.
    I like this nice decorated container, I once bought one from Christmas market in Munich, as a gift for my sister in law.

  3. Very good pictures on this festive season. I would like to have that Santa Claus... very cute face... Even small, your X'mas may be a temptation to your cats... Beautiful Christmas bowl... It looks like those by Villeroy & Boch... The tag adds a very refined touch to the gift...

  4. Lovely pictures and how nice to get something home-baked in a nice bowl. You've done a wonderful job of capturing the spirit.

  5. Ho-ho-ho :)

    What a pretty little tree.

    Wonderful pot.

  6. Hi Pat!! It was very good of your neighbour to loan you that very jolly-looking Santa. Love that mini tree, although I can well imagine Nera's comments about it!! LOL. Nice Christmas bowl, even though the biscuits are now gone.

  7. Love that Santa.
    We don't have cats but no room for a tree, yours is nice.
    Love the Christmas bowl too.

  8. all are lovely --the Santa and the beautiful little tree
    bet the cookies were good

  9. You have a lovely neighbour and daughter. The photos and subjects are beautiful.

  10. Perfect as always Merry Christmas Pat;)