Saturday, 22 December 2012

Picture This Challenge 179: Christmas

A few berries, usually Christmas berries are red, but these caught my eye with their unusual color. IMG_5144

Squirrel tracks in the snow. We put out jars of peanut butter for them on Christmas and throughout the winter.


And what would Christmas be without my sweet cat? Picture 2

 Happy Christmas to everyone! Have a safe and wonderful 2013!


  1. I like these, the kitty prints, and the cat by the fireplace. Every nice. and the berrys too.

  2. Hi Benni !! Love all your shots, all different takes on the theme. I love those berries, I don't think I've seen them that colour before. Great photo of the squirrel tracks. I'd love to see them tucking into the peanut butter :-)) That's a beautiful shot of Honey in the last shot. Looks like she's wishing for something nice for Catmas!! LOL.

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas, Benni :-))

  3. Very pretty decor and love the cat

  4. Very special pink berries.
    The must element for a white Christmas.
    Last one is lovely and warm, my favorite.

  5. I really like the color of those berries

    Christmas is probably the only day I could tolerate snow, though it is pretty and I am sure the squirrels appreciate the peanut butter

    The warmth of the last photo is inviting...

  6. Very original. The cat in front of the fireplace is great, pink berries sommething unique and Squirrel footprints in the snow - keep serving the peanut butter.

  7. My first time to see berries of that nice colour... Love the second photo for its simplicity and the reddish leaf on the white snow makes it a special one... Ah that of the cat is my favourite.... I love cats, you know...

  8. Beautiful shot of the berries.

    I see. The cat has been on the prowl and is now waiting for father Christmas to arrive.

  9. Lovely captures Merry Christmas;)