Sunday, 30 December 2012

Picture This Challenge #180 - Fresh and Bold

This was a true challenge for me. I didn't want to post photos of flowers or food, so I searched and came up with these as my entry.

The first is Sprinkles being as bold as she can be by washing Reggie's face:

My next one is the bold color of a fiery red sunset:

And my last, the fresh-faced smile of my granddaughter, Arianna:


  1. Oh my goodness, each one fantastic. Sprinkles washing the dog's face? How bold (and sweet) is that?

    Your fiery sky is magnificent - it truly does look like the sky is on fire.

    And your granddaughter is beautiful, fresh-faced, and a teensy bold twinkle in her eyes. How lucky to have a photographer grandmother.

  2. What stunning photos Joanne. Daddy's girl is beautiful. Kitty and pooch are great to see, and that sunset...WOW!

  3. A cat washing a dog's face, fantastic (my cat Nera said a disgrace to the feline nation - but she just runs away when she hears a dog bark). beautiful sunset, such vibrant colours and a very sweet little girl - wonderful caption of her expression.

  4. "I see it now - your contact has come askew."

    Love the burning sky.

    Awfully cute.

  5. Gorgeous photos Joanne but Grandmas girl takes the cake for me.

  6. Hi Honey!! Three great choices for the theme :-)) I love the one of Reggie getting a 'cat-lick' wash. That sky shot is awesome, looks like the clouds are on fire. Really cute shot of Arianna :-))

  7. Love your three photos, Joanne! Adorable granddaughter you have... I envy her eyes!

  8. The top and bottoms are fresh bold and sooo sweet! Middle photo is stunning!

  9. Three great photos for bold theme.
    The second one is gorgeous, my favorite.