Saturday, 29 December 2012

Picture This 180: Fresh and Bold

You just cannot get fresher or bolder than this. I have a new hobby. While I am waiting for Mr. Swiss in the local supermarket, the flower shop is just opposite the kiosk. I always have my camera with me, so I take photos of the flowers I will never be able to afford to buy, or to plant in the garden.

Decorative plant
If you want to eat and escape, then your have to be fresh and bold in my garden. There are three cats below waiting for an extra on the dinner plate.

Blue tit - time for food
This was fresh and the bold part was that I had to pay for it.



  1. Three fresh and colorful photos.

  2. What an adorable little chickadee (I think that is a chickadee). Bold cats below, eh? The bird had better be nimble. I love your grocery shot - what an original idea for a photo. But my favorite is the stunning capture of the white flower!! You got the sheen of the petal and the glorious red of the stamen (?) pistel (?). It is just marvelous.

  3. Your flower is a Peace Lily. Again, gorgeous!

  4. Hi Pat. Lovely photos for the theme!! That's a great close-up of the lily in the first shot. I'm sure that little Blue Tit in the second shot has no worries, they have very quick reactions and flit away at the merest hint of trouble. Lots of fresh produce in your weekly shopping!!

  5. @ Mitch - I dare not to say it, but yesterday Nera rolled into the appartement accompanied with a show-off meow. We thought she had something wrong. She certainly had something, a small blue tit in her mouth. There was no chance of a rescue. Even Marianne could not have saved that one. I suppose it's their nature and all that, but we were not pleased with Nera to say the least.

    1. Our cat Vancouver used to do the same and we were always horrified.

  6. Lovely delicate flower.

    Beautiful feeding station.


  7. Wow Pat! That first shot is out of this world. The flower looks translucent, my Peace-lily looks nothing like it to my disgust. It is just plain old white with green stamen.
    Still love your bird house and still haven't found any here yet.
    A great idea for your checkout which would cost a fortune here.

    Naughty Nera!

  8. Love them all, Pat, and I can so relate to the bird feeder! Only one of my cats goes outside, and she just waits for a bird to fall into her mouth! The flower is gorgeous.

  9. Fabulous photos Pat and humorous dialogue to go with them all.

  10. Three excellent shots, Pat! Your words gave me a smile... thanks!

  11. fresh, bold, bright and vivid! love the little we know why you have bird feeders *evil grin*