Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Picture This Challenge 177, Weenie's ~Water In Motion~

Thanks Baz..And Congratulations on being the Number 1 Guest Host~!!
 Sorry, I'm late, But, I had a very busy weekend and a busy start to the week, But, Better late than never, Giggle...A Fun Theme and there sure has been plenty of *Water In Motion* coming down  around here in the last 3 days. Raining non-stop till today.

This was taken the local J. Travis Park, close by in Springfield, Tn. ..

The next 2 are of the Flood we had in 2003. This is usually just a small creek under this bridge.
The water was coming over the bridge before it stopped raining. Photobucket
These people drove through the water, But, we didn't..We turned around and went another way. Photobucket


  1. Hi Joy!! Three great shots for this week's theme!! Those ducks seem to be enjoying the slow-moving water. Wow, the flooding in the second shot looks very bad!! I can understand not wanting to drive through that water in the last shot. I would have turned around, too!!

  2. They are great pictures. The second is really good, shows the power of moving water very well. I don't think I could ever take a picture like the last one, I also would have turned around.

  3. You were the smart one, not to drive through the water. Nice examples for the theme.

  4. The water movement comes gradually from first photo to the third.
    Very nice indeed.

    1. Yes, It does, now that you mentioned it.
      I hadn't noticed.

  5. You have chosen water going where it normally shouldn't... reminds me of horrible moments...I once was imprudent enough to drive through a flooded street like in picture 3 and lost a part of my car in it...

  6. A very nice take on the theme thanks for playing this week;)

  7. Holy molly Weenie. YOu got water in motion for sure. Did you end up on the roof for the night. Damn, Pardon the pun, but it looks like it has broken.

  8. Hey, my friend the giggle pot is back. Juuhuuu, happy to see you. Loves them ducks, the ripples of water is lovely, a big storm for sure, the way we see them here with flooded bridges every summer and why did you turn around? Now that is the fun part ........... vroom, vrooom, slowly but slowly show the boys, how it is done through the road , river, whatever ..... you would have a problem here, road is flooded, no other way across for another 200km, give up, turn back or go through........... life is not for sissies in Africa. LOL

  9. Wow that second picture is so powerful! I really get a sense of the strength of the water. I like your ducks too. The last picture shows a truck being rather foolish and I adore the red barn in the background.

  10. Look over there, isnt it George?

    Wonderful shot

    "Oh, jeeeze, this wasnt such a good idea."