Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Picture This #178 - Soft

The soft feathers of a Cooper's Hawk: IMG_1746

Soft light reflected in an eye: The Eye of Raya

Soft clouds at sunset: outside 001


  1. My word Joanne, what a stunning photo of the hawk, you can even read his eye and know what he is thinking.
    The soft cay is a beauty too.
    Soft clouds at sunset s lovely and the trees etc look like silloetts. Can't spell, my mind has gone blank. lol

  2. all beautiful softness found in nature...stunning!

  3. It looks as though one could snuggle right down into those feathers ... too beautiful ... stunning shot .....
    Love it when one see's that soft glow in anothers eyes ~smile~ ...
    Gorgeous sunset ....

  4. 3 great photos, don't know which is the best. They are all so excellent.

  5. Three great shots, Honey. Fantastic shot of the hawk, looks like he's well prepared for winter in those thick soft feathers. Love the reflections in Raya's eye. Lovely soft evening light illuminating the clouds :-))

  6. good morning, Joanne, great to see you here. Wonderful contributions to our Soft Challenge ......... my fave is the hawk, no doubt about it. Great capture ....... I can still picture you "what is that?" ...........running for camera " shuh, still here" heart pounding and he just sits there and waits for you regally. Such a fantastic lucky shot, right in your backyard.
    Beautiful Raya ! Lovely Soft Light Sunset.

  7. Three fantastic captures!
    That soft sunset clouds is my favorite.

  8. Majestic.

    The eye of the beholder beholding the eye of the other beholder.

    Amazing colours in the sky

  9. Wonderful captures Joanne very nice work;)